A Bird’s Eye View of the Real World of Nursing

The Naked City by Caroline Bunker Rosdahl, RN-BC, ALA, BSN, PHN, MA, shares a lifetime of personal stories and experiences that illustrate how the nursing profession can be highly rewarding and interesting, as well as full of unexpected twists and turns and amazing experiences. Rosdahl’s career showcases the history and evolution of nursing and includes her work with such legendary top surgeons as Dr. C. Walton Lillehei, world-renowned as the “Father of Open-Heart Surgery.”

A modern-day Florence Nightingale, Rosdahl is a leader in nursing education and the author of the classic perennial bestselling TEXTBOOK OF BASIC NURSING, now in its 11th edition. This influential and widely used educational book has been used to train nurses worldwide for over 50 years, spanning from mid 20th century medicine to the 21st century modern healthcare environment that requires a new set of skills and offers many new avenues of career opportunities. 

Caroline Rosdahl is the Author of What Has Been The Classic Textbook for the Nursing Profession for Over Five Decades

The Textbook of Basic Nursing, now in its 11th Edition, is a classic in the field of nursing education. It covers all areas of the nursing curriculum, including Anatomy & Physiology, Fundamentals, Skills, Adult Health, Growth and Development, Mental Health, Maternity and Pediatrics, and Geriatric Considerations. Based on the NCLEX-PN framework, this engaging and comprehensive text provides everything students need to succeed, including short chapters with easy-to-understand content, striking photos and illustrations that bring the content to life, and a wide range of practice-oriented, mastery-focused learning tools both in the book and online, and an available hands-on workbook.

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